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Simpli's Tenant
App Experience

Our workplace experience app provides invaluable insights that allow our clients to enhance their leasing strategy, increase value and engagement and maximize their competitive advantage.

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A Tech Enabled

Simpli's tenant experience app builds community, streamlines communication, increases engagement, and gives you access to vital tenant analytics.

What Does The
Simpli App Do?

60% of employees use mobile apps for work related activity
71% access workplace info on mobile for more than 2 hours per week
90% say workplace apps have changed the way they interact
100% expect real-time communication, safety updates, & information

Differentiate & Compete

A mobile-first, tech-driven workplace and productivity-enhancing amenities increase
engagement, boost loyalty, and increases property competitiveness.


Drive Behavior & Loyalty

Leverage digital to drive behavior and tenant loyalty while delivering an integrated, fresh,
consistent and seamless onsite experience.


Capture Data & Optimize Leases

Understand tenant preferences, capture actionable insights and data, make
data-driven decisions, maximize value, and optimize the performance of your asset.

Why Simpli's


Streamline communication throughout your building and increase engagement

Increase transparency and a sense of community with push notification capabilities that provide tenants with timely building updates, as well as invites to upcoming events.


Support work-life balance and provide time-saving services to increase retention

Deliver convenient services, like auto detailing and reserving onsite amenities, directly in the app. Being part of the Simpli community gives employees exclusive access and discounts to local retailers.

Content Creation

Our team consistently creates fresh content and provides property-specific insights

Our team of seasoned Experience Managers will take care of keeping content relevant and interesting for tenants, including local events, new initiatives, and wellness challenges.

Data & Analytics

Optimize leases and see how tenants are using your amenities

Gain access to vital insight on tenant preferences with the Simpli App analytics dashboard. Measure app reach and engagement to better understand to promote improvement and amenity enhancement.


The Simpli tenant engagement platform is built on an API driven architecture with a headless backend providing REST web services to the consumer-facing mobile app and a portal for concierges to run non-app based transactions and reporting.

We have built integrations with leading technology companies across many industries, and our technology team is always looking for new, innovative partners to add to our flexible platform. For inquiries about our integration roadmap and capabilities, contact us today.

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